What do you do with the paper statements we send you every month? You file them. Well, let us file them for you. Through Pacific Community Online with E-Statements you will receive your monthly statement much faster than waiting for it to come by mail.  Best of all - it’s FREE.

  • You will be notified by email when your statement is ready.
  • Protect yourself from identity theft by keeping your sensitive account information out of your mailbox.
  • You can view and print your current and past statements online.
  • The convenience of E-Statements is available to members 24/7.
  • We have simplified signing on for you.  You only need 1 password to sign on.

You must be enrolled in Pacific Community Online Banking to access E-Statements.   Once logged into Pacific Community Online:

  • Click on the All Services tab
  • Scroll to the right to the e-Statements button and click on it.
  • The E-statement Disclosure will pop up (for 1st time log-in), scroll down and click on the “I Agree” button.
  • This will take you to where you can view your statements.

There is no monthly fee for E-Statements.  Once you enroll, you will begin archiving your monthly E-Statements.  You must enroll prior to the last day of the month in order to receive your E-Statement for the following month.

If you are already enrolled in both eStatements and Pacific Community Online, you may use e-Statements now by clicking here.

If you previously enrolled in eStatements, but have not yet signed up for Pacific Community Online, you may sign up now by clicking here.