Based on a 10-point scale, here’s the list of life events that are most likely to motivate consumers to ask for financial planning advice:

Approaching retirement (7.3)
Pension or individual retirement account (IRA) rollover (7)
Inheritance/unexpected windfall (5.5)
Fund education (4.4)
Investments/assets erosion (3.7)
Change in marital status (3.6)
Birth of child (3.5)
Buy/sell/start a business (3.1)
Elder-care responsibilities (3.1)
Significant health-care costs (2.9)
Potential/actual job loss (2.9)
Increasing personal debt (2.5)

Source: Denver-based Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards' (CFP Board) first CFP Practitioner survey, conducted by Illinois-based Market Facts Inc.

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