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Editorial and Business Staff
Susan Tiffany, editor
Sue Lanphear, managing editor
James Hanson, editorial director
Mark Condon, publisher
Philip Heckman, director of sales and finance
Kathleen Beckett, director of information technology and systems
Joe Day, managing editor, advertising and business development
Debbie Michels, customer services specialist
Contributing to this issue:
Sharyn Alden, Kristin Baird Rattini,
Nadine Goff, Franny Van Nevel
Design and Production Staff
Roger Napiwocki, director
Linda Des Lauriers, art director
Diane Marty, graphic designer
Barb Bender, production coordinator
Sue Day, editorial coordinator
Sharon Dresen, composition specialist
Kevin Knope, on-line administrator
Dorothy Steffens, manager, on-line services

Editorial Advisory Board
Debra Burnett, marketing and
development representative,
Eastman CU, Kingsport, Tenn.

Mike Hudson, senior vice president,
administration, Public ECU,
Bellingham, Wash.

Clay Kearley, manager,
Car Facts services and dealer relations,
ORNL FCU, Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Liz Letcavage, assistant vice president,
communications, Pennsylvania CU League, Harrisburg

Robin Marohn, marketing director,
Heartland CU, Madison, Wis.

Bonnie Miller, marketing director,
Suncoast Schools FCU, Tampa, Fla.

Kim Schneider, business development manager, GenFed FCU, Akron, Ohio

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