1. Type of pitch a baseball player might throw.
    C U R V E B A L L
  2. Coil or ringlet in your hair.
    C U R L
  3. Ice squares.
    C U B E S
  4. Fabric that covers your windows.
    C U R T A I N
  5. Green vegetable.
    C U C U M B E R
  6. Sweet treat covered with frosting.
    C U P C A K E
  7. Baby grizzly.
    C U B
  8. "Chirpy" clock.
    C U C K O O
  9. Winged boy with bow and arrow for Valentines Day.
    C U P I D
  10. Treat that's kind of like ice cream and kind of like pudding.
    C U S T A R D
  11. Cement piece that separates the street from your yard.
    C U R B

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