Go Back Go Ahead

You probably know about bankers' national campaign to limit credit union membership. While the Supreme Court decided against credit unions on this important field-of-membership issue, it's now up to the U.S. District Court to impose a decision. State courts as well are blanketed with banker suits against state credit union regulators.
      The states highlighted on the map are those where bankers' legal efforts against credit unions are most aggressive right now. But if your state isn't under immediate attack that doesn't mean it won't be. For nearly 50 years bankers and their trade associations have lobbied lawmakers to limit credit union service offerings, dictate who can belong, and to tax not-for-profit credit unions. Visit CUNA & Affiliates' Web site to read more about banker attacks and The Credit Union Campaign for Consumer Choice, the national campaign to defend all credit union members and credit unions against increasing offensives from the banking industry.

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