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Total your points.

If you have four, most lenders will be happy to see you. Even three points indicate you're probably a responsible borrower. Any less, and you may want to ask for help managing credit.<!--This is a good place to link to your credit union's credit counseling services, if available--!> Ask for credit counseling or for referral to a nonprofit counseling office at your credit union.<!--this is a good place to link to your credit union's credit counseling services--!>

The application--your first step to "yes"
Borrowers can prevent some credit disappointments just by taking the application seriously.
      That means you should fill out applications completely. You may casually think 'That's five minutes of my time' or 'They don't need to know that.'
      List as many credit sources as you have, or you may not get credit for your full credit history. For example, many people neglect to put down their gasoline company credit card, often the first card young people acquire.
      Also note your full work history, especially if you've recently changed jobs. If you've only been at your current job a few months, but were on your last job several years, that indicates more stability than if you only mention your new job.

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