Yes, I sometimes borrow money to pay credit bills.

Sorry--no points.

Living on credit is an enticing but dangerous practice. If you're taking cash advances to pay bills or other credit commitments, clear your debts before taking on more. In fact, pay your debts and consider credit counseling before you repeat the same mistakes. If your credit problems are too big to handle, call the National Foundation for Consumer Credit at (800) 388-2227 for the nonprofit credit counseling affiliate closest to you.
      "Credit utilization" is an important concept in scoring. It evaluates how much credit you have available and how much of it is in use, if you have a number of recently opened credit accounts, and if you have a number of recent credit bureau inquiries. Credit bureau inquiries indicate that you've applied for credit recently. If you're adding a lot of credit, it may mean you're acquiring credit to cover other debts. If you're juggling credit commitments to cover others, eventually you get one debt too many.

Question 4: Can you keep bringing home the bacon?

            Yes                  No

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