Go Back Go Ahead

From J.K. Lasser's "Face to Face with the IRS"
(ISBN 0-02-861606-5):

FACT Every year, the IRS collects more than $1 trillion in taxes and fees.

If the majority of people owing taxes didn't pay in full on the spot, the revenue shortfall would cause the government to fall. FACT

FACT In almost every IRS investigation--audit, collection, or criminal--agents gather 98% of the information they need voluntarily, simply by asking the taxpayer questions.

The IRS compounds interest on a tax bill daily on everything; the tax, the penalties, and the interest. That adds up to an effective interest rate of more than 20%. FACT

FACT About 30 million Americans owe up to $200 billion in back taxes.

The average tax refund is more than $1,000. By having refunds direct deposited into a credit union savings vehicle, you'll receive your refund in three to four weeks instead of six to eight weeks. FACT

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