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A recent U.S. Treasury Department study of the financial health and regulatory structure of America’s credit unions verifies what credit union members have been telling legislators: Credit unions offer consumers a necessary, refreshing alternative to banks and other financial institutions. The report highlights the following characteristics that distinguish credit unions from other financial institutions. It notes that credit unions:
  • Are member-owned and member-directed.

  • Rely on unpaid volunteer boards elected from the membership.

  • Are not-for-profit organizations.

  • Have a public purpose to provide financial services to people of modest means.

  • Have an affinity among members.
The Treasury report will help the credit union movement counter ongoing banker attacks on credit union regulation and the strength of the Credit Union System. Talk to the people at your credit union for more information about efforts to retain consumer choice among financial institutions. Also visit CUNA & Affiliates' Web site for up-to-date information about this topic.

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