Do you ever think you're the only one upset with a product or service? Wonder what bothers other consumers most? Auto sales and repair, home improvement, household goods, and credit and lending top the annual list of Top 10 consumer grievances, according to the eighth consumer complaint survey by the National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators (NACAA) and the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), as reported in Credit Union Magazine's News Now.

For the first time, auto leasing joined the list of complaints handled by 50 city, county, or state consumer agencies in 1998—the latest study available. Twenty percent of consumers complained about auto leasing, which holds the No. 7 slot.

Internet complaints increased 39% from the previous year, but still didn't make the list. Complaints included refund and billing disputes with providers, merchandise, misleading claims, and auctions where bidders received goods other than what they bid on or failed to receive the goods.

Top 10 Consumer Complaints
1. Auto sales72 %
2. Auto repair70
3. Home Improvement68
4. Household goods48
5. Credit and lending40
6. Mail order24
7. Auto leasing20
8. Landlord/tenant20
9. Utilities/phone companies18
10. Travel and tourism16 %

Note: Percentages refer to the percent of consumers surveyed listing the complaint in the top five areas of complaint. Source: NACAA and CFA.

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