1. I was not aware when my loan payments were to begin.

  2. I was not happy with the classes, so I dropped out and don't think I should have to pay.

  3. I got behind in making payments and was afraid to seek help.

  4. I was embarrassed to bring attention to my situation; therefore, I didn't ask for help.

  5. My loan was purchased, so I thought that meant it was paid off.

  6. I don't have a loan. That PLUS loan is my child's responsibility, not mine.

  7. It's a government loan; no one pays those.

  8. I ran out of coupons and didn't get a new coupon book.

  9. What can they do to me? Repossess my education?

  10. I have 10 other debts; my student loan is number nine on my list.

Source: USA Group

Contrary to rumor, however, there is no escaping student loan repayment—even bankruptcy doesn’t wipe out an outstanding student loan. So explore all your payment options, and contact your credit union with any questions or concerns.

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