You�ve seen the advice, here and elsewhere, that it�s smart to know what�s in your credit report, especially if you plan to apply for a big credit chunk, say, for a mortgage or a car loan.

If you�ve never seen a credit profile, Equifax shares this sample profile with Home & Family Finance Online to help demystify the report. Look over this model, and visit the Equifax site for more information about credit reports.

Click the links to see more information about each section of the sample profile.

Personal Identification Information
Your Name Social Security Number 123-45-6789
Your Current Address Date of Birth Day Month Year
City, State, Zip
Previous Address(es)
Your Previous Address
Last Reported Employment Your Position and Employer
Public Record Information

Bankruptcy filed on 02/97 in City of Atlanta with case or other ID number 123456789012341
With Liabilities of $5,000, Assets of $60,234, Exempt Amount of $60,000 Type of Personal, Filed Individual, and status Voluntary Ch-7

Lien filed on 03/9:Fulton CTY:Case or Other ID Number-32114:Amount-$26667:Class-State:Released 07/93:Verivied 07/93

Satisfied Judgment filed on 07/94:Fulton CTY:Case or Other ID Number-898872:Defendant-Consumer:Amount-$8984:Plaintiff-ABC Real Estate:Satisfied 03/95:Verified 05/95

Collection Agency Account Information

Pro Coll (800) XXX-XXXX

Collection Reported 05/96:Assigned 09/93 to Pro Coll (800) XXX-XXXX Client ABC Hospital:Amount-$978:Unpaid:Balance $978:Date of Last Activity 09/93:Individual Account:Account Number 787652JC

Credit Account Information
Company Name Account Number Whose Account Date Opened Last Activity Type of Account and Status High Credit Terms Balance Past Due Date Reported
Macy's 12341234 Joint 02/94 01/97 Revolving - 90 Days Past Due $4235 50 $243 $0 02/97
Citibank Visa 12341234 Joint 02/97 05/97 Revolving - Pays as Agreed $10000 50 $243 $0 06/97
Rich's - FACS 12341234 02/94 05/97 Lost or Stolen Card 02/97
Additional Information

Foreclosure reported 02/97 by Firm Name verified on 02/94

Checking Account reported 02/97 opened on 04/83 closed for reason: non-sufficient funds with amount $500

Companies that Requested your Credit File
02/15/97 AR Sears 02/13/97 ACIS 712000003
02/13/97 Richs/Facs 02/11/97 Equifax - Update
01/16/97 Macy's 01/13/97 Equifax - Disclosure
11/18/96 AM Macy's 10/16/96 PRM - Citibank Visa


PRM - This is a promotional inquiry in which only your name and address were given to a credit grantor so you could be solicited you with an offer such as a credit card. (PRM inquiries remain on file for 12 months.)
AM or AR - These inquiries indicate a periodic review of your credit history by one of your creditors (AM and AR inquiries remain on file for 12 months.)
EQUIFAX, ACIS or UPDATE - These inquiries indicate Equifax's activity in response to your contact with us for either a copy of your credit file or a request for research.
PRM, AM, AR, INQ, EQUIFAX, ACIS and UPDATE inquiries do not show on credit files that businesses receive, only on copies provided to you.

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Source: Equifax Inc., reprinted with permission.

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