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Mortgage calculators

* Prepayment Calculator - when will your mortgage be paid off?
This calculator allows you to see how prepaying your mortgage reduces the length of your mortgage by putting in the current values for your loan. You can choose to enter either your current principle balance and principle/interest payment, or the original loan amount, month of first payment, and length of loan.

* Mortgage Prequalifying Calculator
This calculator will try to calculate what kind of income you would need to be making to qualify for the specific values. Property tax and home insurance numbers vary greatly by region and construction type so those values are left for you to fill in.

* How much house can you afford?
A favorite calculator - if you know how much you earn, what your monthly debt is, and the downpayment you have available, this calculator will tell you the price of the house you can afford.

* Mortgage Payment Table Calculator
Gives a table of mortgage payments for a range of principal amounts versus a range of interest rates.

* Biweekly Mortgage Calculation
Compare the differences between paying monthly and biweekly on your mortgage loan.

* Convertible Balloon Mortgage Calculator
Convertible balloon mortgages have been getting more popular recently since they can provide lower rates than conventional 30 year mortgages while still giving a fixed payment schedule for 5 or more years. The risk, of course, is what happens after the initial fixed period is over and you have the possibility of converting your loan. This calculator tries to answer those questions.

Loan calculators

* Simple Loan Payment Calculator
Enter the values into this calculator and it will work out the payment. The loan can be a mortgage, car loan, or any other simple interest amortization over a fixed time with fixed monthly payments.

* Real cost of loan - use to compare loans!
Enter the interest rate of your loan, the quoted APR and the loan amount into this calculator, and it will work out how much it is really costing you.

* How much does that loan REALLY Cost?
An alternative to the calculator above, you enter the interest rate of your loan, the points and costs and the loan amount; it figures the rest, including the APR.

* Deferred Payment Calculator
This calculator shows you what happens if you defer the first payment on a loan - how much will the starting payment be, and how will the monthly payments change?

* How will prepaying change my loan?
This calculator takes a principal amount, interest rate, normal length of the loan and either how much total a month to pay or how long you want to pay. Then it will tell you the extra amount you will need to pay, or the decreased time to pay off the loan.

* How much does it cost to lease?
This calculator takes a MSRP, bargained percentage discount, down payment, lease length and lending rate to calculate estimated lease payments.

* How Long will it Last?
Here is a new twist on the mortgage calcuator. Here you specify how much you want to spend each month, an interest rate and a loan amount, and the calculator tells you how long it will take you to pay it off!

Savings calculators

* Retirement Calculator
This calculator tells how much you will need to provide a certain income for a set number of years.

* Simple Savings Calculator
This is just a simple calculator that lets you start with an amount of money and make regular monthly deposits, and see how much it grows.

* Nominal and Effective Interest Rates
This calculator works out what rates are necessary to achieve a desired future value amount given a present value amount and the time period over which to compound your investment.

* Compound Interest Rate
This calculator simply takes the final amount you want to earn given an initial investment for a duration of time, and finds the required annual yield you would need to achieve that goal.

* Tuition Savings Calculator
In this calculator, you put in the current annual tuition of your favorite institution and what you think the average tuition inflation and investment return will be. Then put in the years until your children go to school, how much you have already to invest and how much you will contribute each year

Tax calculators

* Flat Tax Proposals
This calculator compares the changes for your income/deduction combination, should a Flat Tax law be passed.

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